Endorsed by James Franco

James Franco somewhere in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon - he is holding a copy of NAROK by Stephen Bessac and published by Timeless Edition in 2019 - sold out and may be reprinted soon as an expended edtion  

Photo by Stephen Bessac


Timeless edition is glad to have some photos from ‘Peter Christopherson Photograpy’ being featured in this new book ‘PUNK ART HISTORY’ written Marie Arleth Skov. 

In this book, the punk movement of the 1970s to early 1980s is examined as an art movement through archive research, interviews (Anna Banana, Jon Savage, Genesis P Orridge, …) , and art historical analysis.

Marie Arleth is a  Danish art historian and curator  living in Berlin.

THE NEW YORK YEARS 1971 - 1994 by Eric Kroll

Timeless Edition is pleased to present Eric Kroll’s
The New York Years 1971- 1994

500 pages of Eric Kroll’s photographs of New York City.
All collectors of Eric Kroll books and photographs should include this new

There are two Eric Kroll books recognized as classic the
first being ”Sex Object” 1976. He has done more than a dozen books.
This should be the third classic.

The book is available in a standard and two special editions.

Below is what Kroll wrote in the introduction of the book to describe what he did :

“Some of the photos in this book were shot on assignment from Downtown art publications, like the Soho Weekly News or the East Village Eye, but most were self-generated.

There is no discipline in my life. No order. I used to think that chaos helps creativity—I’m not so sure about that anymore.
There were two intense periods of work, it seems, during the time I lived in New York: in the mid seventies, and around the time Leah, my eldest daughter, was born, in 1984. There are innumerable photographs from those decades and luckily some of the subject matter has made it easy to remember when and where certain pictures were shot. In the seventies: The Rolling Stones on a flatbed truck, rolling down Fifth Avenue, in May of 1975; partygoers at Bianca Jagger‘s birthday party at Studio 54 on May 2, 1977; the Dead Boys at CBGB’s on May 4, 1977; Blondie in rehearsal on October 18, 1977 (a date which was easy to recall, seeing as Reggie Jackson hit three home runs for the New York Yankees in a World Series on that very same day, and I remember that I kept leaving the rehearsal session to watch the home run replays on T.V.); Grace Jones performing at Studio 54 on December 29, 1977. In the eighties: John Sex at Danceteria in 1983; Robert Mapplethorpe at Robert Miller Gallery, and Dondi at Fun Gallery, in March of 1983; Madonna at Danceteria on October 3, 1983; Kenneth Anger in November of 1984. That whole year was busy because I also photographed Greer LanktonDavid WojnarowiczMike BidloRick ProlLuis FrangellaRichard Hambletonthe pier at Canal Street was teeming with artists—Kenny Scharf with his wife and daughter, Keith Haring, and Andy Warhol in his art car. And many, many more artists and musicians.”
Eric Kroll, AZ 2021


NAROK exhibition Catalague

Co-published by Le Dernier Cri and Timeless Editions – 2022 – France

21 x 29 cm – 224 pages in colours – Soft cover

Forewords by Stephen Bessac.

Catalogue of the mindblowing and huge exhibition dedicated to the NAROK group exhibition done by Le Dernier Cri in Marseille from Nov 13, 2021 till Feb 13, 2022.

This exhibition was initiated by Pakito Bolino after being inspired by ‘NAROK’ photo book by Stephen Bessac and published by Timless Ed. in 2019.

This book shows the various reinterpretations of Thai hell’s gardens done by a myriad of artists from all over the world. To recreate those hellish visions, they used very different medias such as painting, drawing, screen printing, etching, sculptures, video,… This a state-of-the-art tribute to the mortuary cult and also to Thai popular culture dealing with that subject such as horror mangas.

Artists featured :

Zven Balslev, Andy Bolus,Ju Rictus, Julien Gardon, Fredox, Laetitia Brochier, Pakito Bolino, David Pujol, Mathieu Desjardins, Marc Brunier Mestas, Mathieu Desjardins, Dav Guedin + Monsterlune, Sylvie Renaud, Frederic Clavère, Sam Rictus, Lilas Mala, Gotier, Emre Orhun, Cha Kinon, Brulex, La S , Yan Taillefer, Craoman, Didier Poiraud,Dave 2000, Antoine Bernhart, le Li- quide de la Tête, Raniero, Val l’enclume, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Diego Lazzarin, Imiri Sakabashira, Patrick Jannin, Abraham diaz, Martes bathori, Samplerman, Scheibner, Dr Lakra, Tonio Camu- nas, Roger Benetti, Colin Raff, Antoine Dagata, gwen Tomahawk, louie Cordero, Matt Crabe, Pole K, Mats Stromberg, Ichiba Daisuke, Kinga Janiak, Ben Sanair, Hadrien Alvarz, Colette Ste- phens, Matti hagelberg, Celine Guichard, Olivier Texier, Nemoto, Andhoenk Irawan, Aleksandra ton de dyonisos, Ajarn Tode Kosumphisai, Dan Sudsakorn, Nils Bertho,Marc Caro,Nicolas fremion, ludovic levasseur,Evil ED, …

Limited to 666 copies


Finissage de l’expo NAROK

End of the NAROK exhibition in presence of Stephen Bessac author of the eponym title book which inspired this event. 

A signature with Stephen Bessac took place in the Le Dernier Cri workshop and a small zine was proposed in very small  quantities as a preview of the forthcoming Hunting Asia titles. 

NAROK exhibition in Marseille

Timeless Ed. was proud to be involved in the NAROK group exhibition done by Le Dernier Cri in Marseille from Nov 13, 2021 till Feb 13, 2022.

This exhibition was initiated by Pakito Bolino after being inspired by ‘NAROK’ photo book by Stephen Bessac and published by Timless Ed. in 2019.

A Way to Die Exhibition at Chateau H (Fr)

Presentation text in french for the small exhibition at Chateau H in Saint Julia :

Peter Christopherson (1955-2010) était un artiste protéiforme qui a réalisé de nombreux vidéo clips commerciaux (Yes, Rage Against The Machine ou Nine Inch Nails) ainsi que de nombreuses pochettes de disques (Pink Floyd et Peter Gabriel) alors qu’il était membre du groupe de designer anglais Hipgnosis. Ses créations artistiques bien plus personnelles se sont révélées au travers de la musique électronique (Throbbing Gristle et Coil) et surtout dans la photographie. Peter Christopherson était avant tout un photographe qui a commencé très tôt dès le collège. Devenu adulte, son style s’est affirmé en travaillant des thématiques sombres et subversives. Son intérêt particulier (assez rares dans les années 70) pour les faits divers et les serial killers l’a entre autre emmené à réaliser une série intitulée « A Way To Die » représentant des scènes de crimes sordides et de suicides violents où se mêlent de manière assez troublantes horreur et érotisme. Les références aux Larmes d’Eros de George Bataille et aux Garçons Sauvages de William Burroughs sembleront évidentes tout comme les Giallo de Dario Argento ou Mario Bava.  


Timeless Editions have announced The Universe Is A Haunted House: COIL through their art and archives, a new 400-page full colour hardback book compiled from the personal archives of John Balance and Peter Christopherson.

Conceived not only as a showcase of Coil’s much-admired album artwork, but also to offer a rare glimpse into their world – and spanning some three decades of Coil’s distinguished career – the book offers the reader an abundance of artwork, photos, writings and other curiosities, much of which will never have been seen before.

The Universe Is A Haunted House: COIL through their art and archives is available for pre-order NOW,* only from Timeless Editions.

Hunting Asia volume 1 : Narok by Stephen Bessac

NAROK is a photobook by Stephen Bessac (Singer of the infamous French band Kickback) documenting his trips to the gruesome Buddhist Hell gardens of Thailand. This is the first book in English about these mysterious and fascinating places and this volume is also the first in a series, all dealing with the dark and unknown side of East Asia. 18 x 24 cm, 256 pages, hardcover

Val Denham like them

“5 Ectoplasms”, prints in a box by Jhonn Balance,

only 50 copies published! HERE

And the astonishing big 400 page book of Aleksandra Waliszewska’s incredible art.
One of the best art books that I have ever seen. HERE

Chair de Fer

1914-1918. A tribute to Denis GRRR’s ball-pen art. “Broken Faces” at the brothel shaking their stumps hardened by pain. Death with shell shape breasts builds and laughs. The mocking Ace invites you to this morbid banquet in large format.

30 x 40 cm - 28 pages in colors - Folded soft cover

Limited to 300 copies

More here :


L’opus “CHAIR de FER” sur la thématique de 14-18 par Denis GRRR
(illustration et maquette) est sorti. Assorti d’un texte d’Alain
Que 300 exemplaires numérotés, dont 18 tirages de
tête signés et authentifiés avec un marquage au tampon à sec comprenant
un tirage supplémentaire numéroté: “La Guerre”, plus une broche en
métal. Hélas épuisé!!!
Les 50 premiers commandés recevront un exemplaire signé.
Format 30x40. 28 pages couleur sur papier Rives Laid - Natural 220 g.


From David Tibet desk



I am—as you will know—OverMoonTime to announce, as many of you will have seen already, that Aleksandra Waliszewska’s
new perfect book, PROBLEM/SOLUTION, an expanded and ecstatic
conjunction and copulation of her last two perfect books PROBLEM and
SOLUTION, has just been published by TimeLess. This book has a ForeWord
by me and an AfterWord by Nick Cave. Her book also includes a lovely
portrait of me that Aleksandra painted, with her usual Lovely Kindness!
Thank you so much, Dearest Ola! Go there to obtain and maintain and
proclaim. Photographs by St. Ania Goszczyńska.

GO HERE TO PURCHASE IT: https://www.timeless-shop.com/…/problem-solution-4-aleksa…/

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