Timeless continue their archival work with the publication of a selection of the writings of COIL’s John Balance. 

 ”The Cupboard under the Stars” has been compiled from Balance’s notebooks, it features a near comprehensive selection of lyrics for COIL often in various stages of development plus a second part of unused lyrics, essays, research and rants, outlines for videos, magazines and books which were never completed. 

 The book is almost entirely in Balance’s own beautiful handwriting with several mostly rare photos and unseen artworks included as well. There is a lot to discover here for old and new fans of the band. The book was compiled and sequenced by Claus Laufenburg, a friend and long-time fan of Balance and Sleazy

 The first edition is limited to 650 copies of which 500 exemplars make up the standard edition, 124 copies as the Special Edition and 26 for the Collectors’ Edition.


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