THE NEW YORK YEARS 1971 - 1994 by Eric Kroll

Timeless Edition is pleased to present Eric Kroll’s
The New York Years 1971- 1994

500 pages of Eric Kroll’s photographs of New York City.
All collectors of Eric Kroll books and photographs should include this new

There are two Eric Kroll books recognized as classic the
first being ”Sex Object” 1976. He has done more than a dozen books.
This should be the third classic.

The book is available in a standard and two special editions.

Below is what Kroll wrote in the introduction of the book to describe what he did :

“Some of the photos in this book were shot on assignment from Downtown art publications, like the Soho Weekly News or the East Village Eye, but most were self-generated.

There is no discipline in my life. No order. I used to think that chaos helps creativity—I’m not so sure about that anymore.
There were two intense periods of work, it seems, during the time I lived in New York: in the mid seventies, and around the time Leah, my eldest daughter, was born, in 1984. There are innumerable photographs from those decades and luckily some of the subject matter has made it easy to remember when and where certain pictures were shot. In the seventies: The Rolling Stones on a flatbed truck, rolling down Fifth Avenue, in May of 1975; partygoers at Bianca Jagger‘s birthday party at Studio 54 on May 2, 1977; the Dead Boys at CBGB’s on May 4, 1977; Blondie in rehearsal on October 18, 1977 (a date which was easy to recall, seeing as Reggie Jackson hit three home runs for the New York Yankees in a World Series on that very same day, and I remember that I kept leaving the rehearsal session to watch the home run replays on T.V.); Grace Jones performing at Studio 54 on December 29, 1977. In the eighties: John Sex at Danceteria in 1983; Robert Mapplethorpe at Robert Miller Gallery, and Dondi at Fun Gallery, in March of 1983; Madonna at Danceteria on October 3, 1983; Kenneth Anger in November of 1984. That whole year was busy because I also photographed Greer LanktonDavid WojnarowiczMike BidloRick ProlLuis FrangellaRichard Hambletonthe pier at Canal Street was teeming with artists—Kenny Scharf with his wife and daughter, Keith Haring, and Andy Warhol in his art car. And many, many more artists and musicians.”
Eric Kroll, AZ 2021


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