5 ECTOPLASMS - John Balance

Available now for PRE-ORDER with an expected early December delivery date is a
set of high quality prints on fine art paper of five exceptional
drawings John Balance created in 1994.

These magickally charged artworks are quite unlike anything in John Balance’s known visual oeuvre.
Clearly influenced by Austin Osman Spare’s
automatic drawings and originally considered “lost”, high resolution
scans have recently been rediscovered and are presented here  on 250gr
Rives paper, sized  30 x 40 cm in a limited, individually numbered and
blind-stamped edition of 50 copies available in a foil-blocked folder
with an additional variant embossed print of probably the most striking
image “Ectoplasm 4” as originally envisioned by Balance’s late partner,
artist Ian Johnstone, who had planned to do prints of these several years ago before his own untimely passing.
folder includes an extended limitation card featuring some rare and
private photos from the very final period of Balance’s earthly
existence, most of them seen here for the very first time.

EARLY BAZOOKA - Loulou Picasso

As the Special Edition of Early Bazooka sold out in record-breaking time and demand from our customers is very strong, we have decided to do 50 more deluxe copies with the exact same features detailed below. This second edition of the SE differs only in that it has Roman numbers.


The Thai Occult Sak Yant Book

The Thai Occult Sak Yant Book
by Jenx and Ajarn Metta.

16 x 24 cm - 284 pages in colours - Hardcover

The author of The Thai Occult series of works has here been joined by
Ajarn Metta in the hope of clearing some of the misconceptions of the
art of and bringing clarity to what actually constitutes a Sak Yant.
This is the standard edition for the book, which has a hot pressed
silver foil image on the cover.

The actual content for each edition is the same and contain the following chapters through 284 pages.

Glossary of Terms
The History of Sak Yant
The Scripts - Mon, Lanna and Khom
The Shapes in Sak Yant
The Unalom and Yant Na
Heart Kata
The Inks
Sak Yant Rods
What constitutes a real Sak Yant?
Becoming a Sak Yant Ajarn
Ajarn Dang of Chiang Mai
Ajarn Samart of Bangkok
Ajarn Rung of Chiang Mai
Ajarn Hom of Hua Hin
Ajarn Brum of Chiang Rai
Ajarn Salaboonkong of Chiang Mai
Ajarn Moss of Nakhon Pathom
Kruba Ajarn Jae Sada
Ajarn Apichai of Chiang Mai
A Compendium of Sak Yant designs

As The Thai Occult book sold out quickly, the initial print run for the
silver edition is 800 but we want the book to be available for the
remainder of 2017, allowing the fans of Sak Yant to pick one up before
it sells out. There may be an extra print run for the silver edition
depending on sales but the gold edition WILL NOT be reprinted.

Available Now Here : THE THAI OCCULT : SAK YANT


Nowadays terms like “legendary” and “star” have all but lost their meaning, nevertheless Editions Timeless are proud to present the first ever artbook by a truly stellar legend, the original dub diva: Little Annie Anxiety Bandez!

Little Annie is loved and adored for decades of inimitable torch singing, the list of her collaborators reads like the who’s who of out-there music: Swans, Coil, the On-U Sound stable, Crass, Anohni, Baby Dee, Marc Almond - and the list goes on!

Annie has been painting and taking photos for years, her motifs include iconic religious imagery, the brooding skyscrapers of her former home NYC and intricate floral compositions. “Meditation In Chaos” presents a glimpse at all of these and much more.

The book features an introduction by her friend Penny Rimbaud of Crass and several stunning portraits of Annie herself. Apart from the standard hardbound version of the book there are three limited art sub-editions featuring original art presented in a ribboned folder.

Published by Timeless Ed. - 2016 - France                                                                                                                           

21 x 29 cm - 84 pages in colours - Hardcover

Limited to 500 copies 

Avaibility click HERE


SADOBAKA” by Pakito Bolino

Timeless Editon, october 2016

Clothbound - 23 euros

1st 100 copies come with a free silk print signed and numbered by Pakito Bolino

Degenerated japanese graphic manga according to the stakanovist printer/mastemind of Le Dernier Cri.


John Balance’s “Bright Lights & Cats With No Mouths” is now available at Atlantis bookshop in London.
You’ll also find there the Thai Occult book by Jenx as well available at Treadwell’s book.

BOY (1976 - 2016)

“The first advertisement made for the infamous London
fashion store, a large format poster designed by Peter Christopherson.
Boy was formed in 1976 on King’s Road by John Krivine and Steph Raynor.
Christopherson at that time was both a member of Throbbing Gristle, and
of the design company Hipgnosis, who had been responsible for some of
the most recognizable album covers of the era, including Pink Floyd’s
Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. Krivine invited
Christopherson to create the initial design for the store after seeing
COUM’s poster designs for the Citizen’s Theatre in Glasgow.

Christopherson was responsible for the initial concept and
design of the store, including the typography, and also the window
displays, which showed an unconscious or dead young man. Genesis
P-Orridge described them to Jon Savage as follows: “The idea was that a
boy had climbed in to steal stuff, accidentally knocked over an electric
fire and set the place on fire and burned to death. And these were the
leftovers of the boy. So there was a Doc Marten boot with bits of flesh
and there was a bit of his jeans and buttock and a finger with a ring
and some mouldy hand. And they were in little forensic dishes in these
glass boxes like you would find at the Black Museum. So this was just a
parody of a mixture of forensic evidence and vandalism.” – [P-Orridge,
quoted in Ford 7.4-7.5]

The window display was provocative enough that the windows
were soon vandalized, a problem that would dog the early days of the
shop. Boy London would go on to become on the most influential and
controversial fashion lines of the 80’s. Christopherson would go on to
form Coil with John Balance. A rare example of the early work of the
most innovative and provocative designer of the period, or of any


We are proud to present the first hardback book on the subject of the Thai Occult by Jenx and it runs to 194 pages and over 160 photographs - Out in October 2016but available as a pre-order by clicking HERE

Forthcoming early July 2016 : Frans De Waard’s life at Staalplaat (80’s and 90’s)

THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A RECORD LABEL - Staalplaat: Eleven Years Of Distortion - Frans De Waard

In 1984 Frans de Waard started his own band, Kapotte Muziek, and his own
cassette label, Korm Plastics. A few years later, in 1992, he was asked
to work for Staalplaat, then one of the biggest independent labels for
experimental and electronic music. Staalplaat was the home for bands
like Muslimgauze, :zoviet*france:, Rapoon, O Yuki Conjugate as well as Jaap Blonk, Normally Invisible and Kingdom Scum. With an average of three new releases every month, Staalplaat remained a major player for the next eleven years. Frans was
hired to set-up a database and to sell and buy new music, but over the
years also assumed a role as (unofficial) business director and A&R
man, and came to be regarded as the head honcho. In 2003 he’d had enough
and decided to quit.

This book tells his story about those eleven years, the many high and as
many lows of working for a small independent record label, which also
functioned as a shop, mail order, radio programme, news outlet, and
concert organiser. It’s about embarrassing confrontations with
musicians, labels, distributors, and the endless spending on the most
unique packaging CD-Land ever saw.

This book is not about the 1980s when Staalplaat was part of the local
squatter movement or their post-2000 activities in Berlin. This is
Frans’ personal account from within, when Staalplaat was riding its
biggest wave in the 1990s.

It includes various appendices, such as an interview with Staalplaat
founder Geert-Jan Hobijn, a transcript of a radio interview with
Muslimgauze, a 1980’s account of Staalplaat’s activities, and a
discography, among others.

There are no images of artists or album covers; instead you can feast you
eyes on some never-before-seen, behind-the scenes photos taken in the
office, shop and warehouse.

This book will appeal to everyone with an interest in the experimental music
scene, and anyone else who wants to read a crazy, funny and sad story
about a small struggling record label. Knowledge of the music is not
required, but you will surely be inclined to look it up while or after
reading this. Anyone who is interested in a manual of how (not) to run
your record label might want to take notes.

Pre-order here : 


Steven Heller’s new article about the book Fire Work With Me!

A Steven Heller review about Fire Work With can be found on Printmag site :


About the author :

Steven Heller is probably the most famous and prolific american
journalist/writter about graphic design. He was honored by Michelle
Obama at the White House in 2011, among other things, and wrote an
unaccountable amount of referential books about the graphic design


TIMELESS ED. is proud to announce this
nearly 300-pages book FIRE WORK WITH ME presenting a broad selection of
many of the visual productions created by the graphic design studio
Metastazis this past 15 years.

It goes way beyond the mere compilation
of album covers: FIRE WORK WITH ME offers more than a decade of
documents, studies, and often
unpublished texts. For his work exceeds by far the limits of common
musical illustration, Valnoir, leader of the studio, hereby reveals a
wide range of projects that flirt with contemporary arts and the fringes
of legality.

276 pages24X28cm
Printed in 5 colours
Laser branded hardback cover, laser numbered
First press of 500 copies
artist edition limited to 50 copies
published by Timeless, April 2016

Pre-order taken by clicking  here :


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