Timeless is extremely pleased to present something truly unique! You
might have seen Gen mention preparing the publication of h/er notebooks
in the recent NY Times article. This is it: culled from h/er private mostly unpublished archives, the
1st volume called “Archives and Documents” presents 152 full colour
pages of crucial early art terrorism like h/er little seen Nekrophile
zine, reproduced here in full. Nekrophile magazine was conceived in 1968
by GPO as a sole and only issue. The collages, drawings, poems and
texts gathered in it deal with the themes that will prevail in the
iconography of Industrial Music. This volume also displays ultra rare TG and PTV documents commented by
GPO and that are not the same old exponents that a Google image search
will yield.(no ticket stubs or tape cover designs here). Edited by Nicolas Ballet with personal explanations and insights added
by GPO, this volume is an essential visual document of Gen’s
contributions to art and culture from the mid 1960s onwards with a
strong emphasis on that most controversial and rewarding period of the
late 70s and early 80s. The second book (Prophecies & Messages) focuses on even more
personal and magickal aspects that are the very heart of GPO’s life and
art, it contains the reproduction of two magical and richly illustrated
scrapbooks selected by Nicolas Ballet. Unparalleled documents of a virtual spiritual journey into he/r occult
practices, essential for students of contemporary esotericism. These books are an indispensible gift for the industrial music fan, the
connoisseur of 20th and 21st century art and the novice and experts of
the byways of the occult, prepared with the full collaboration of and
overseen by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, it is futile to stress that this
no less than a visual companion piece to the Psychick Bible.


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