This book is the culmination of three years work and covers the Occult
practices in Thailand, from amulets to rituals to blessings. What marks
this system is its openness as anyone can begin a life of magic and
train themselves using a good amulet. The Thai Occult book aims to help
those interested in this deep and ancient art as a practitioner or to
use the knowledge to refresh their own magical practices, all through the words of the Ajarns themselves.
552 pages
140,000 words
300+ top quality photos and comes in two editions.

THE SILVER EDITION - This is the standard edition of the book at 69
euros plus P+P and everyone who orders a copy before the release date of
September 3rd shall receive a free, signed bookmark.
EDITION is something more special. It is the same book with gold script
on the cover, but this one contains a numbered and signed bookmark and a
metal Yant from Ajarn Apichai. The Yant is the Lanna Inn Khoo, and it
was drawn on a lady’s private parts, which is part of its Wicha. This
Yant has a kata, for which I can provide a recording, and it is placed
under the mattress to attract partners to your bed for sex, and through
that action, the Yant is made stronger.
155 copies available and 119 euros plus P+P.

It is the hope of the author that this book will become a benchmark for
the understanding of the ancient Occult practices of Thailand. After
this new work, information can then be added to The Thai Occult books
Facebook page as it arises and any questions can be answered there. If
it is a good question, an Ajarn from the book will be asked for their

The journey of understanding begins HERE

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