When Throbbing Gristle donned their infamous camouflage uniforms in
1980 it became a pivotal statement for industrial and post-industrial
Few of the countless imitators realised that those
particular uniforms were custom-made and designed by their close ally
Laurence Dupré (aka Lawrence Dupré). In true TG fashion expectations
were confounded and a deeper level of importance literally hidden away
from easy deciphering.

Timeless feels honoured to present a first extensive
overview of Laurence Dupré’s early career raging from her DiY fashion
zines of the late 70s/early 80s dealing with camouflage patterns and
appliances, her collages for Sordide Sentimental, her meeting with
Genesis P-Orridge in Hackney to her design worky not only for the TG
uniforms, but also other aspects of the latter day TG image.

Showcasing for the first time her unique trademark designs envisioned
with her brother Loulou Picasso of the Bazooka group. Richly illustrated
in colour, the 188 page book was designed by Loulou Picasso and
contains insightful essays and contributions from Jean Pierre Turmel
(Sordide Sentimental), Genesis P-Orridge, Jon Savage, Neville Brody and
Elli Medeiros.


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