Published by Timeless - 2016 France
16 x 24 cm - 194 pages in colours - Hardcover

This is the first hardback book on the subject of the Thai Occult and it runs to 194 pages, 70,000+ words and over 160 photographs. The author’s aim is to bring an understanding of the art and to start to place The Thai Occult into a global context.

THE GHOST EDITION - This version of the book contains a hand applied Unalom design using Nam Man Prai, which is an oil of legend from The Thai Occult. Effectively, this will put a ghost in the book and she is there not only to protect the copyright but the opening of the book will hopefully bring a glimpse of the magical art of Thailand. All versions of the book are the same, it is only the additions that change and this is the standard edition, hand finished and sent with love. The chapters include the following:- Sections on The Lersi, Khun Paen, The Kuman Thong, Luk Krok, Mae Per, Phra Ngang, Prai Krasip, Hoon Payon, Inn Khoo, The Mothers (The female deities) and unusual invocations. An interview regarding the making of a Kuman Thong. An interview regarding Phra Ngang. Nam Man Prai. How to ’read’ an amulet from ’The Load’ on the back. The history and use of Panneng. The spiritual journey of Ajarn Maha Metta. Necro-lite - a comparison between Western Necromancy and The Thai Occult. The role of Kata. Yantra, as relating to amulets. A Vodou Priest from the Haitian Tradition tests Nam Man Prai. And a biography of Luang Phor Pina, Thailand’s magical monk. Fully referenced through interviews and historical research, this book aims to provide the bedrock for future editions.

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