Born 1959 on the outskirts of london, england - went to school, went to art school, worked in graphic design studios, worked in advertising agencies, worked as a freelance illustrator - all very boring and irrelevant - till the mid eighties when begin publishing photocopy booklets of ink drawings in editions of around 100 copies (or sometimes only half a dozen) distributed via the underground "Industrial music culture" mail order network - contact with william bennett led to supplying cover art for a number of whitehouse cds - and an important career motivating friendship with Romain Slocombe encouraged the start of airbrush paintings based on personal ideas - first exhibitions held at torture garden fetish nightclub events in london in 1993 - and moved to tokyo the same year with teddy bear artist Konomi Izumi (aka Hippie Coco) - work published in numerous japanese sex magazines but appeared a dead end - Baby Art was born as a new artistic direction combining cute images of dolls etc with previous less innocent interests - contributed regularly to the eroguro magazine too negative - the editor formed ng gallery who staged the first major Trevor Brown exhibitions - and also published (hear no, see no, speak no) Evil, the first book collection of trevor brown art, in 1996 - the attention of Editions Treville was caught who've remained the major publisher of trevor brown art books since - the airbrush was replaced by oil painting around 2000 - thematic book collections include Forbidden Fruit, My Alphabet, Medical Fun, Li'l Miss Sticky Kiss, Rubber Doll, Trevor Brown's Alice, Girls War, Drawing Book and Pandora

Published by Timeless Ed. :

TREVOR BROWN BLACK & WHITE WORKS - Book - 2011 - Available here : Timeless Shop

DRAWING BOOK - Book -  2013 - Available here : Timeless Shop

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