Published by Timeless - - 2016 - France
27 x 33,5 cm - 300 pages - Dark brown hardcover -

Limited to 500 copies -

Available here :


The 2nd slightly revised and improved edition of "Peter Christopherson Photography" is finally available.

The first edition of the book, published in November of 2014 sold out much sooner than we had expected and has already been fetching ridiculous amounts on the secondary market. We think Peter’s visual art, as his music, should stay in print and be easily available to all interested parties.

This second printing is essentially the same book with a number of amendments, corrections and minor improvements. There is less than 5 % of new and unseen material in this book. A few images have been dropped from the original version. The content of the small book which came with the limited editions is obviously not included in this reprint and will stay exclusive to the limited 1st edition.

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