In the early 80s, Laurence Dupré (1955), very close to the activities and life of the Bazooka group, is interested and works on clothing: costumes for theater play at the Festival d'Avignon, for some movie (Olivier Assayas) and stage costumes for musician  friends (Elli Medeiros, ThrobbingGristle), creation and making of clothing around military uniforms.
The meeting with Genesis P-Orridge will be decisive for his work on camouflage "Modern" and "urban" uniforms. The project initiated in those years of a book listing the different camouflage patterns found its point of arrival with the publication of the book "Camouflage", almost 30 years later.
She also developed her personal collections, under her own name branding, for a few years. At the end of which she begins long careers in famous Parisian fashion houses (Kenzo, Lanvin, Chanel, Hermes), which allow her to get to know the studios of creation, as well as everyone in the textile and printing industry.
Clothing set as a limit, a separation between an intimacy and an outdoor protection has always been her playground ... Textile printing, including camouflage, as an extra layer of protection.
For a few years now, she returned designing stage costumes, for the National Opera of Paris mainly, and also develop personal  painting artworks.

Published by Timeless Ed. :

CAMOUFLAGE - Book (1st edition) - 2019.

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