Jenx is a Northern Englishman who became his first self during the 80's in Manchester after attending University there but ending up in music production through the Madchester period. This was followed by a stint as a music agent but then everything went East from 1991 with his first trip to Thailand to see Bee and to experience Thailand for all it has to offer. This resulted in returning in 1992 for a year and numerous times after that, hooking up with the likes of Genesis, Sleazy and Geff on a few occasions.

Knowing that he had to live in Thailand to become another self, he hatched a plan that involved running a very successful underground Manchester club for 5 years (his second self at The Music Box), renovating a Georgian house and turning it into apartments to enable the kind of adventurous retirement that should be recommended for all. On finally moving to Thailand permanently in 2002, his exploration of Thai culture began and he became a partner in adventure with Sleazy (TG, Coil), helping him find his happiness and exploring the country, which eventually led to The Threshold Houseboys Choir taking form.

Now married to his long term Thai partner, his investigations into the Thai Occult and the ease with which he moves within the society has led to The Thai Occult book and further releases will see the light of day in the years to come.

Welcome to Thailand....

Published by Timeless Ed. :

THAI OCCULT BOOK - Book - 2016 - Sold Out

THAI OCCULT : SAK YANT - Book - 2017 - Available here : Timeless Shop

THE THAI OCCULT BOOK (expanded) - Book - 2018 - Available here : Timeless Shop

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