Published by Timeless - 2016 - France
24 x 28 cm- 276 pages in colours - Hard Bound Cloth

What could be the possible link between making ink with human bones, North Korea and heavy metal?

For almost 15 years now, Valnoir leads Metastazis graphic design and art direction studio in Paris, and for the first time in its controversial and highly unpredictable history, a retrospective artbook is released, collecting a selection of its most memorable projects : FIRE WORK WITH ME.

This 276 pages opus printed in five colours gathers dozens and dozens of projects, all focused on music, art and culture. There you will find in abundance artworks, texts and photos documenting the whole body of work of the studio.
Among the most striking experiences you’ll go through, you’ll have the opportunity to dicover or rediscover the communication and illustration plan designed for the first rock show in the history of North Korea, how to print a poster with human blood, or that stitching patches on human skin has already been done.

Valnoir collaborations with well known artists surch as Morten Traavik and his unique art program in North Korea, or the slovenian retro-avant gardist collective NSK have been duly noted by well known figures of art and design such as Steven Heller or Mirko Ilic, but also iconinc figures from the extreme metal scene like Erik Danielsson or Kristoffer Rygg.
Those artists and designers have brought their contribution to the book by writting exclusive texts analysing Metastazis work, or offering their views about it.

Floating between graphic design, body art, rabid satanism and cultural diplomacy, FIRE WORK WITH ME offers a voyage where compromises are not an option.

Limited to 500 copies

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