Daisuke Ichiba started painting seriously in the eighties and in 1990 self-published his first book entitled 37 Year Old Bastard. Since then, he has continued to release a book a year, and was noticed by the great manga artist Takashi Nemoto, as well as Pakito, from the outsider art gallery, Le Dernier Cri based in Marseille, France. Since 2006, Ichiba has held solo shows in Paris, Marseille, and Switzerland, and in recent years has been pursuing photography.


Humans simultaneously combine tenderness and violence. If you peel back the face of a beautiful woman you see it is clogged with viscera. Choosing to create work that is only beautiful feels artificial. Thus I paint both. You cannot sever the two. The expression that results is a natural chaos. In my work I project chaos, anarchy, anxiety, the grotesque, the absurd, and the irrational. By doing so I attain harmony. This is my art. Put simply, I paint humanity (the spirit).
- Daisuke Ichiba

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Violent Beauty - Book - 2014 - available here : Timeless-Shop

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