Born in New Zealand, but now based in London, visual artist Mcleod has been working and collaborating with Almond for over 20 years, immediately after Mcleod left art school, and while he was working in Soho night-clubs as a bouncer. After showing Almond the portraits that he carried in his bomber jacket as postcards, Mcleod proposed to him the idea, “I want to see you transform before my eyes. I want to see the mortal turn into the immortal, show me your icon. I want to be part of the process, and capture moments in time, stolen for life. Then I want to bombard you with your own text, cut it up and destroy it to form a new lyric out of your old words and project it all back onto you while you act out your grand schemes.”Almond, naturally, said yes.

Published by Timeless Ed. :

"I CREATED ME Book  - 2016 - Available here : Timeless-Shop

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