Published by FooLTime (a Timeless Ed. subdivision) – 2017 – France
30 x 40 cm - 32 pages in black & white - Soft cover

Printed on "Rusticus Bianco" 200 gr fine art paper

At last, the new opus of Mad Meg. Some new Patriarchs of course but also more personal, more intimate and openly feminist topics. Mad Meg continues her work, fueled by her convictions, her vision of the world and her personal story. An artwork always precise in the drawing, but also, and that is new, in the text, used as well for its aspect than its contents. Text to read, to decipher, to search for, in the middle of her artwork in which we can as always zoom almost to infinity. Messages disseminated in every pages, find the Mad Meg in the Mad Meg!

Limited to 250 copies

Available here : TIMELESS-SHOP

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